Cushty Website Security

Finding out your website has been hacked or infected with malware is one of the scariest discoveries for website owners, and it can have some serious consequences – At CushtyWeb we deliver piece of mind so you know your website is secure, and there’s a team of professionals on hand if something goes wrong. 

CushtyWeb Security Services

SSL & Active Security Protection

We will install an SSL on your website, and add security to help prevent and block attacks on your website
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Investigation & Diagnosis

Most website owners don't know when they've been hacked, and it's not always obvious if your website is under attack. We stongly recommend

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Website Cleaning Malware and Hack/Infection Removal

After investigation and diagnosis we can carry out a cleaning up procedure to remove any hacked files or malware.

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"Having been hacked before, knowing my website is safe and secure with CushtyWeb is priceless"
Rory Rupert
Language School Owner

Five Star Security for All WordPress Websites